Hardware Upgrades

Is your computer functioning but not at optimum? Here at Vanguard Solutions, we can find the best parts to upgrade your computer and turn it back into a fast and functional computer it once was! Let us keep your technology up-to-date and out of the slow lane!

Custom Hardware Orders

Looking for computer parts but don’t know what’s compatible with your motherboard? Let us do the searching! We will find the best parts on the market that fit your budget! Vanguard experts will look into the part you want and is suitable for your computer, and we will assemble all the parts for you!

Custom Built Computers

Looking to start from scratch at an affordable price? Whether it is for gaming or schoolwork, we’ve got you covered! Let us know what you’re looking to get out of it and we’ll build it for you! No hassle, no static shock, no problem at all! If you can dream it, we will build it!

Clients pay a $25 initial diagnostic fee upon completion of the diagnostic

Which component are you looking for?

We will give you a free quote as soon as we get back to you!

Upgrade, Custom, Build

Want to upgrade or customize your computer? We are here to help!

Want a faster, better function computer? Want to customize your gaming computer to have the best experience in the game? Upgrade your computer with Vanguard Solutions! Tell us what you are looking for and we will find the part that suits you the best!

Don’t know how to put the pieces together? Let us help you! We can build, assemble your computer from pieces to a functional, usable computer that matches your expectation. Just bring the parts to us and let us put them together and return a one-piece computer to you!

Have a broken screen or keyboard? Don’t worry, Vanguard Solutions also provide hardware repair for your computer! We will find the right part that fits your computer and put them back into one piece. Whether it is Macbook or PC, we guarantee you will get the best service with the lowest price!  

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Hardware Sales

Need a new or used computer? You are at the right place!

Need a computer but don’t want to spend too much at the retailing store? We can find you the best new/used/refurbished computers at an affordable price.  Let us know what computer you are looking for and we will get the best deal for you!

Customized Computers

Want to customize your computer? We will get what you want!

Hey, gamers! Do you want to enjoy the best experience when play games? We can help you customize your computer and optimize the function, so you can have the most fun while gaming. We will get the best part that suits you the best with the lowest price possible.

System Upgrade

Still using an old operating system? It’s time to upgrade!

Is your operating system out of date? Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows Vista and perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. In a fast-paced business, there’s no time for slow computers! Vanguard Solutions will get your computer back up to speed!