How to Tell a Software Problem from a Hardware Problem

How to Tell a Software Problem from a Hardware Problem

Determine If Your Computer Needs Hardware Repair:

There are two main types of PC problems: those that generate from software issues and those that are caused by a hardware malfunction. So, before you can fix a malfunctioning computer, you must first identify the source of the problem. Most software-related issues can be fixed by owners themselves. Hardware problems, however, may require professional hardware repair services. Here are some of the hardware components that fail more often.


Hard-drive problems usually come in the form of slow booting, files becoming corrupted, or operating systems refusing to load. If you experience long delays when accessing files from your hard-drive, then you may have to start looking for a new storage device. Once a hard-drive develops physical problems, there is nothing you can do to fix it.


The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of your computer. Although it rarely happens to malfunction, CPUs can sometimes overheat and create serious problems. Your computer may become slower than normal, programs may freeze up, and you may not be able to access some demanding games or encoding videos. However, a thorough cleaning and new cooler may fix most problems with your CPU. Just make sure you let a professional hardware repair service provider do the work for you.


Applications write data into RAM (Random Access Memory) and then read it back when they need it. If your RAM is malfunctioning, then you may experience blue screens, crashes, and file corruption.


Most graphic card problems occur when rendering 3D content. In other words, if your computer crashes when you play a demanding video game, then your graphic card may be the culprit. There are plenty of free applications that you can use to test your graphic card.

Power Supply:

A malfunctioning power supply is very difficult to diagnose. Sometimes, the source may deliver too much or not enough power to a component, causing your entire computer to go haywire.

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