Remote Service

In this age of technology, business is booming and your devices are valuable. Do not hesitate to ask for help if your computer has any problem. Vanguard Solutions will take care of you no matter how big or how small your issue is! We can provide remote services if you cannot come to our offices through Teamviewer support.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Having troubles with the devices in your company that make your work extra hard? Don’t worry, Vanguard Solutions has got your back. From software to hardware, computers or printers, we’ve got it all. We will get everything back to function, and you can have another smooth day of your work!

Business IT Support

We provide routine maintenance on your network to ensure that your technology is always functioning and up to date. Through these services, your systems will always be at optimum and will be handled with the absolute care and respect that you deserve!  We will make a custom plan that is suitable and fit your business the best with your budget.

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Business Technology Support

Need help with your business network or other IT issues? You are at the right place! 


Have a business and need IT support? Covina Vanguard Solution will be your best choice! We provide on-site service, help you set up your business network, telephone line. No matter wired or wireless, complex or simple… We can handle it! Our service includes wireless encryption, network card installation, workgroup configuration, printer, file sharing, and many more! Just contact us and tell us what you want.

In addition, we specialize in reviewing your IT infrastructure to determine and solve any vulnerability, security, backups, and new technology issues. We also provide routine maintenance, ensuring your systems are always functioning properly. Most importantly, we make custom tailored plan can be delivered specifically for your business, to help your organizations budget. We look after every part of your infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters the most – your business!

Too far away? Don’t worry, we got your back! Download TeamViewer!

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File Sharing

Want to setup file sharing to make everyone’s life easier? Let us help!

When we work on a project together, sometimes different people need to make changes on a same document. Would it be very complicated and time consuming when the editing is only available to one person at a time? Vanguard Solutions will help you setup file sharing and solve that problem. Once all files are shared among the team, everyone can make any changes at the same time, and the team members can also see the changes immediately.

New Technology Issues

Having issues with your new technology? We will solve it for you!

Nowadays, more and more technology is coming out to support our work ti make our life much easier. However, when there is an issue, it might be a little bit complicated because the technology is new and is not familiar to the users. Luckily, Vanguard Solutions has got your back! We make sure all of our technicians are well trained with the newest technology, and will be able to solve your problem in short amount of time!

Office Setup/Relocating

Just got a new office? Let us set up all the devices for your office!

Need IT assistance for your new office? No problem. Vanguard Solutions will take care of setting up all the computers, printer, and other devices and make sure all the technology is up to date before you start working. Just contact us and tell us what you need, our team will go to your office and get everything ready for you before you move into the new office!