Software Issue

Have you ever run into a problem where you can’t open an application or the application is not functioned properly? That might be a software issue. When a software issue occurs, it can slow down your computer or even give you incorrect data. Vanguard Solutions is here to help! We will diagnose the problem and make the software functional again.

Virus Removal

When you accidentally download a file with a virus, the virus will go into your computer and damage your software. The best way to handle this is to get the virus removed as soon as possible before it makes further damage to your system. Here st Vanguard Solutions, we got many professional technicians to remove the virus and recover your computers. We will guarantee your computer will be safe and back to function again.

Ransomware Removal

Once you got ransomware in your computer, it will no longer function until the file is unencrypted. And the developer of the ransomware usually will ask for money, in order to get the file unencrypted. However, do not panic. Vanguard Solutions is able to fix the problem without making you pay the ransom to save your computer. Once you found your computer got hacked, bring it to us immediately so we can help you remove the ransomware as soon as possible.

Clients pay a $25 initial diagnostic fee upon completion of the diagnostic

Infected computer? No problem!

We will give you a free quote as soon as we get back to you!


Do not let the Virus get into your system!

Do you suspect that your computer is being slowed down by a virus or malware? Bring it to us! We can check it and remove them immediately to ensure that your computer will be functioning as if it were fresh out of the box. On top of that, we provide a Protection package that will keep your system away from harm.

Don’t panic if your computer catches a virus or ransomware on your computer. The most important thing is to NOT PAY the ransomware. Vanguard Solutions has many professional technicians that will be able to take care of your computer and bring it back to normal upon removing all the viruses or ransomware.  

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What is Virus? What do they do to your computer?

A computer virus is a type of malicious code or program written to alter the way a computer operates and is designed to spread from one computer to another. Once you notice your computer catches any virus, you should remove the virus as soon as possible before it transfer to other computers through your network. At Vanguard Solutions, our experienced technicians will help you remove all the viruses on your computer, with a protection program installed to protect your computer from any risk


What should you do when you got ransomware?

When you have ransomware on your computer, you will usually see a message that tells you to pay a ransom with bitcoin in order to get the ransomware removed from your computer. Many people will get panic and ended up paying the ransomware because they have important files on the computer and they do not want to lose any data. Remember, DO NOT PAY for the ransomware! Vanguard Solutions is here to help. If you have ransomware on your computer, bring it to us immediately so we can fix for you as soon as possible.

Software Update

Is your software getting old? Maybe it’s time to update!

Have you ever run in to a problem that your program or application just cannot run on your computer? It might be a good time to update your software because some applications are no longer support the old operating system nowadays. Want to update your system? No problem! Just bring it to Vanguard Solutions and we will do the rest for you. You will make sure all your software is up to date and all applications on your computer can run properly